How to Find People in India

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How to Find People in India

Are you looking for ways to locate someone in India? Well, this article will look at the sources and methods on how to find people in India online. It will cover the places where such details might be as well as show you how to go about looking for information as you try to find someone overseas.

The population of India stands at 1.3 billion and its capital, New Delhi, has a population of 27.1 million. Internet usage is at 40.6 % and Facebook users are about 251 million. Even though half the population is not using the internet, there are directories online that keep details on the population of India. Whether you are looking to find someone from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, North India, West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra or nay part of India, this article have the sources to help you find someone in India.

To get the best experience as you conduct your search, you will need to have all details on the person that you can get. This can be the person’s email address, relatives, username, college, university, occupation, business/ company name, for example.

Let’s have a look at the ones listed below.

India White Pages Directories

White pages are solely dedicated to giving contact information and have been made available online. Results from a white pages search include full name, phone number, address and business as basic information. Here are some of the white pages directories in India you can try for a lookup.


White Pages in India

This directory offers a comprehensive search as it allows people and company searches in India with search bar enhanced by Google. You can also perform Facebook, LinkedIn, Geni, Instagram searches from here.

Search People Directory

This site offers links to numerous people search tools in India that you can utilize for both white pages lookup and yellow pages lookup.

Phonebook of the World

Searches are possible from here from the search bar provided and there are also links to some of the prominent people search engines of the world from here.

White and Yellow Pages India

There are links to white pages and yellow pages lookup in India as well as other cities found in the country.

India University Directories

Universities and colleges normally offer directories where people can search for contact details on their staff, faculty, departments and students. So if the individual you are looking to find is involved o\in one of the universities in India, it is highly recommended that you try a search from that university. Here are examples of university that can be helpful on how to find people in India.


University Grants Commission

The staff is listed on the directory for you to go through. There is also a search box that you can go to for a search.

University of Mumbai

This directory offers all the contact details on the university’s staff, faculty departments for you to go through.

Patliputra University

This directory offers the university staff and faculty. There are also email addresses to some of the departments in the university.

University of Delhi

To find information on this university, go to the search bar, enter your search details and search.

India Public Records Directories

Public records (marriage, divorce, birth, death, criminal, property, voter registration, census, court records) are accessible online. They can be good sources of contact information too and be a useful tool on how to find people in India. Here are some of the directories that keep public records in India.


India Public Records

The public records to search from in India are listed on the directory. They include court records, death records, government records, legal resources and other records.

National Achieves of India

For old records on the people of India, this is the place to go. It offers records category, name of document and procedure to obtain them.

Indian People Directory

This directory prides itself in being India’s comprehensive people search service and are experts in people finding allowing you to search from scores of public records.

National Crime Records

This directory allows you access to criminal records in India provided by the National Crime Records Bureau.

India Government Directories

In circumstances whereby the person you are looking to find is a government employee, then searching from government sources would be recommended. Below are some government ministries, agencies and departments that can prove useful for such a free people search in India.


National Portal of India

From this directory, you can find contact information for Union, State, and UT Government agencies, authorized personnel and employees.

Indian Government Web Directory

This directory allows access to all Indian Government websites at all levels and all sectors.

India Brand Equity Foundation

The directory offers links to all Indian government sectors and other directories that can prove useful on your search.

Indian Government Searches

Searches are possible from here with first name, last name, agency and last four digits of a phone number for government employees in India.

India Social Media Searches

The power and influence of social media platforms cannot be denied or ignored. They have become an integral part of our society changing the face of communication. India is no exception when it comes to the influence of social media. Prominent social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will let you search on them for information.


To search on these social platforms, find the search bar on their page. Enter the search term with and search. Possible results from a social media search include name, phone number, email address, residential address, job title, posts, photos and other details.

India Private Investigators

It is possible that the above mentioned methods may yield undesired results. The services of a private investigator might the next recommended option. Here are some of the private investigations companies in India that can help you on your search.

Lady Detectives India

This agency prides itself in being the number detective agency in India. Services that are offered by the agency include personal detective, corporate detective and cyber crime detective.

Top Indian Detective Agency

This investigations company comes with more than 25 years experience providing all kinds of detective work at affordable rates.

Indian Detective Agency

This is an award winning Investigations Company that offers services like matrimonial investigations, spousal, financial fraud, employment checks and more.

Sun Detective International India

This detective agency specializes in investigations like employment verifications, extra marital affairs, kidnapping and missing persons investigations, background check and many other types of investigations.

The above listed methods and ideas can help you on how to find people in India. It is highly suggested that you try a number of them on your search as they keep different data from each other.

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