Anti-spam Policy

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Anti-spam Policy

What is Spam?

Unsolicited or unwelcome messages, emails, or other communications are referred to as spam when they are sent to someone without their agreement. This can include, but is not restricted to, phishing attempts, fraudulent schemes, and the solicitation of products or services. Spam of any kind is not permitted at all on

Automated Spam Filtering uses automated spam filtering to help prevent unsolicited messages from ever being delivered to our users. Our spam filters help us detect and flag potential spam activity, preventing it from reaching users’ inboxes.

Problems with Spam Filtering

While automated spam filtering can be effective in preventing unwanted messages, it’s not always perfect. Sometimes legitimate emails may get caught in our spam filters and may never reach your inbox. Please get in touch with us if you believe that this has happened to you.

Receipt of Unwanted Messages from this Website/Us

Please notify our customer support team right once if you ever receive any unsolicited messages from or one of our members. We take all complaints seriously and will take the necessary steps to uphold our anti-spam policy.

Changes to this Anti-Spam Policy

This Anti-Spam Policy may be updated or modified at any moment and without prior notice by We encourage all of our users to periodically review our policy for any updates or modifications.

Contact Us

Please feel free to email us at or contact us through our contact page if you have any questions or complaints regarding our anti-spam policy. Any problems you might have will be addressed, and we’ll give you any other details you require.