How to Find People in Costa Rica

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How to Find People in Costa Rica

People searches online are probably the fastest and costless ways to find people anywhere in the world. This article will look the ways on how to find people in Costa Rica online. We will take a look at the places that offer such lookup services and how to go about your international people search process on them.

Costa Rica has a population of about 4.9 million and its capital, San Jose, has a population of about 1.6 million. Internet usage stands at 85.9% and Facebook users are 3.2 million in Costa Rica. Internet usage is very high in country making it also a high possibility to find information on the population online. So whether you are looking to find someone in Alajuela, Guanacaste, Cartago, Puntarenas or Limon, you are covered.

To get the best out of your search, you will first need to gather all information you can find on the individual and write it down. These details can be used to search with along the way. This can be the person’s college/ university, occupation, business/ company, relatives, email address to name some. Here are some of the sources that may have the information you are looking to find.

Costa Rica White Pages Directories

White pages are the most reliable and straight forward sources of contact information online. Positive results from a search from them include full names, phone numbers, addresses and businesses as basic information. Here are some of the white pages directories you can try in Costa Rica.


Phonebook of the World

This directory allow you not only to search for information on it but also offers links to some of the prominent white pages directories that might prove helpful on your look up.

Search People Directory

You can search for people by white pages (name, number, address) or by email from here. There are also plenty of tips on how to conduct a white pages search in Costa Rica offered on the directory.

Costa Rica Phones

This directory offers names, phone numbers, addresses, companies and businesses contact in Costa Rica.

Phonebook of Costa Rica

This directory will allow you to conduct a Google search, white pages search and yellow pages search in Costa Rica from it.

Costa Rica Public Records Directories

Details like birth, death, marriage, property, land, census, voter registration, criminal records are considered public records and are available online. Let’s take a look at the places that keep them as we look at ways on how to find people in Costa Rica online.


Costa Rica Online Access to Public Records at the National Registry

This is a new system that helps provide information from the National Registry. You will need to register first and all registration information is provided here.

Costa Rica Civil Registration, Family Search Historical Records

For all your civil records, genealogy, family history and historical records in Costa Rica, this is your recommended destination.

Costa Rica Background Checks

This directory offers a number of background checks like criminal records, civil records, degree verification, employment verification, ID check and many other services.

Search Systems

This directory allows name search on it. To search, enter the first sand last name of the person you are looking for on the relevant search fields, on the worldwide dropdown menu, select Central America and search.

Costa Rica University Directories

There are cases whereby the person that you are looking to find is involved with a certain university in the country. Below are examples on how you can go about a university free people search in Costa Rica.


Long Island University

The university’s faculty and staff are listed on the directory for you to go through. If you can’t find what you are looking for you can try searching with the search bar.

University of Costa Rica

This directory offers searches on the university’s faculty, staff and students through the search bar provided.

EARTH University

You can go through the staff members found on the directory here or use the search bar to find people in the university.

Universities Directory of Costa Rica

For a comprehensive list of the universities available in Costa Rica, this is the place to look.

Costa Rica Government Directories

In situation whereby the person you are looking to find is a government employee or involved in a certain government agency, it is highly recommended that you try a lookup from government directories. Here are some of them in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica Government Ministries and Institutions

This directory gives the names and websites to the ministries and institutions of government of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Government

This directory lists all government websites of all the ministries and also links to government branches several national counsels and more.

Costa Rica Chiefs of State

The directory lists all chiefs of state with cabinet members for you to go through.

Costa Rica Social Media Searches


Social media platforms have taken over the world are becoming number tools of communication and information.  They also allow searches to be conducted on them. Prominent social media platforms the like of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn come with search bars where you can conduct a lookup.

To search, find the search bar, enter the search details with you on the search bar and search. Results from a search on social media platforms are names, phone numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, posts, photos, to name some.

Costa Rica Private Investigators

It is possible that the above mentioned sources of contact information return with negative results. In such a situation, the services of a private investigator might the last hope. Here are some of the private investigator companies you can try when you look up a person in Costa Rica.

General Investigation Agency

Located I San Jose, this investigations company’s services include but not limited to fraud investigations, corporate investigations, background checks and counter surveillance.

Cody L Gear and Associates

This is the only full time American owned and operated private investigations agency in Costa Rica.

Detectives Privados B&B

This investigations company understands that successful investigations are carried by professionals with extensive experience.

Will Spy Costa Rica Private Investigator and Security Services

This investigations company provides services for issues like kidnapping, child recovery, professional verification, background review and much more.

The above listed methods are sources you can try on how to find people in Costa Rica. Try to use as many as possible on search since they all keep different data.

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