How to Find People in Dominican Republic

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How to Find People in Dominican Republic

There are ways and sources of contact information available online that can help you locate someone and this article will discuss some of them you can use to find people in Dominican Republic. So if you are interested in a people search international activity in the Dominican Republic, this is your guide.

The population of Dominican Republic is above 10.8 million and its capital Santo Domingo, has 3.3 million people. Internet usage in the country stands at 75% with 6 million of the country’s population affiliated to Facebook. With such a high number of individuals online, there is bound to be data on them on the internet. This articles will discuss the possible sources of such data.

Dominican Republic White Pages

The white pages can be considered as the best source of contact information as it keep records on people like phone numbers and addresses. The bonus on white pages is that they are available online. Below are some of the white pages sources on the Dominican Republic.


Dominican Republic Area Codes and Phone Numbers

This directory allows searches with a name, phone number, address and business name in the Dominican Republic.

Phonebook of the World

The directory will let you conduct searches and also provide links to other people search sources to search from.

Dominican Phones

This directory allows searches with a name, phone number, address and business name.

Search People Directory

Possible searches from this directory include name searches, phone number searches, email address searches and more.

Dominican Republic Government Directories

In case the person you are looking to find is a government employee, government directories are another option for a search online. There are about 627,000 public employees in the country. This means there is a good chance the person you are looking for works for government. If you don’t know his or her employer then it’s worth a try. What this might mean is that you need to call most of the departments asking for the person or reference from whomever you will be talking to.


Here are some of the Dominican Republic government directories you can try out for a search. Depending on how much you know the person’s career e.g. is he possibly in agriculture, then start with agriculture related departments and units.

Dominican Republic Government Directory

This directory allows you to search using a search bar and also by choosing a government ministry that you would like to search from.

Dominican Republic Online Business Directory

This directory will let you search for any business in the Dominican Republic through the search bar provided.

Dominican Republic Directory

This directory is a complete source to all things Dominican Republic. The number of categories to search from is limitless.

Dominican Republic University Directories

Universities and colleges do offer directories where you can search for contact information on their staff, faculty, department and students. Depending on the age of the person you are trying to find, there is also a chance they are in college or university. This means you can use university directories to look them up. There are about 40 universities from this country and most of them have online directories. Taking some time to check them out might yield positive results.


There is a list of all the universities found in Dominican Republic from University Directory Worldwide where you can select the university you want to search from. They include the Felix Adam Experimental University, Interamerican University, Nordestana Catholic University, Adventist Dominican University to name but some.

To lookup a person in Dominica Republic from them, enter your keyword, choose the faculty you are looking to search from and the discipline and search.

Dominican Republic Public Records Directories

Public records directories are also a good source of contact details. They keep records like birth, marriage death, criminal, property, voter registration on people. Here are a few to consider on how to find people in Dominican Republic.


Dominican Certification Service

This directory offers searches on birth, death, marriage, divorce, property, land records and more other types of records.

Dominican Republic Civil Registration

If you are looking to trace family history, then this is the ideal place to start. There birth records, marriage records, death records dating back to the 1800s.

Civil Registration 1801 – 2010

With first name and last name, you can find information from this directory on people from the Dominican Republic between 1801 and 2010.

Dominican Republic Genealogy Records

This directory offers searches on birth, death, marriage, baptism records and more.

Social Media Searches

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the examples of social media platforms are can be very helpful in finding contact information on someone online. These social media sites come with search bars where you can search for someone on them.


Just enter the search term with you and press search for results. A positive result will bring back photos, profile, contact details, posts and other details.

Google search bar is another tool that cannot be taken lightly for people search. A simple Google search can surprise you with a positive result.

Private Investigators

If all the above listed options do not yield the desired results, then your next option might be to try out a private investigator. Below are some of the prominent private investigator companies found in the Dominican Republic.

The Latin America Group Inc

This company does consultation throughout Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Jarasa Private Security

This private investigative company prides its self in being the leading agency in private investigations in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

ICS Investigators

This company offers a number of services like missing persons, locating people, infidelity, adultery and more.

Private Partners Inc

The company’s services include surveillance, child custody, missing persons, background checks and many other investigative services.

These are some of the sources on how to find people in Dominican Republic that you can try out. Try as many as you can as they all come with different data on their databases.

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