How to Find People in El Salvador

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How to Find People in El Salvador

There are ways to find people using the internet. This article will look at the ways on how to find people in El Salvador online. It will discuss a number of sources that offer people searches in the country and how you can get the best out of them. A people lookup from El Salvador is considered an international people search.

El Salvador population stands at 6.4 million and its capital San Salvador, has 1.7 million people. Internet usage is at 58.6 % and Facebook users are more than 3 million. Such a high rate of internet usage makes it possible that there is data on the population online and this article will discuss such places.

Searches can be performed using options such as a name, phone number, username or business in the country. So make it a point that you have as much details on person you want to find in El Salvador as possible. Below are some of the places that will let you search using them.

El Salvador White Pages Directories

Results from a search on white pages directories are full name, phone number and address as basic information. You can also conduct a business search from here in case you know the individual’s place of employment.


El Salvador Phones

This directory provides a number of services like how to find a phone number, how to call someone in El Salvador and people and business searches.

Phonebook of the World

This directory offers people searches and also provide links to very helpful directories that can assist you on your search in El Salvador.

Search People Directory

With a name, email address, phone number, you can find available information on the individual you are looking to find from here.

Search Yellow Directory

This directory offers yellow pages searches (business searches as well as white pages searches (people searches) in El Salvador.

El Salvador University Directories

Some universities and colleges do offer directories online where you can search for information on their staff, faculty, departments and students. Here are a few examples of such universities that can help you find people in El Salvador.


El Salvador University

The university offers searches on their site through a search box where you can enter the search information with you.

Evangelical University of El Salvador

To search from this university, navigate to the faculty that the person you are trying to find might be in and search from there.

Don Bosco University

There are contact details on the university’s website for you to contact them for information.

For further searches on universities in El Salvador you can come here.

El Salvador government Directories

Government directories offer searches on government employees. If the person you are looking to locate is a government employee in El Salvador, then the following options are worth your time.


Departments of El Salvador

This directory lists all the departments in the country (14 in all) with their population and Capital.

El Salvador Departments

This directory offers the links to all El Salvador departments, major, cities, towns and urban areas to search from.

El Salvador Administrative Division

There are links to the administrative departments and municipalities from this directory.

El Salvador Public Records

Public records are records like birth, death, marriage, divorce, property, land, crime, criminal and voter registration to name but some. Here are some of the directories that offer searches on such records in El Salvador.


El Salvador Record Finder

This directory offers a table that will help you search for information or records much easily and convenient.

El Salvador Genealogy Vital Records

With first name, middle name, last name, year of birth and place, you can search for someone from El Salvador from here.

City of Antonio

The directory allows you to search for birth and death records in the city of Antonio. You can also apply for a death and birth record from here.

El Salvador Background Checks

It is possible to run a background check on someone in El Salvador from here but it comes at a fee.

Social Media Searches


Social media platforms can help you find someone in El Salvador. Facebook can help you search for someone using their search bar. If the person you are looking to find is a member in the social media platform then a result will pop up.

To search, navigate to the search option on the social media site. Enter the search term with you and press search. Search results involve contact details, profile, friends, photos, posts and other details.

Private Investigator

It is possible that the above listed search options might still not produce the intended outcome. In such a case, the next best option might be to try the services of a private investigator. There are a number of them in El Salvador and below are some of them.

ICS Private Investigators

The company provides services like missing person search, locate lost people, background investigation and more.

ISOG Private Investigators

This company offers the services of private investigators, lawyers and forensic experts.

305 Investigators

The company’s El Salvador Private Investigator Detectives are normally hired for custody investigation, missing persons, theft, background checks, locate people and other investigative services.

Detectives America Group

This is a group of private detectives and former police agents with operations all over the world particularly in Europe and America.

These are the search options that you have when it comes to ways on how to find people in El Salvador. Trying a number of combinations of these will be helpful as they all have different databases.

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