How to Find People in Russia

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How to Find People in Russia

There are ways and methods one can use to find contact information on someone online. This article will focus on how to find people in Russia through the internet. There are a number of sources that can help you archive this and we are going to discuss them below. They are a part of some which are found on

The population of Russia is about 145 million and its Capital Moscow has a population of about 12.5 million. Internet usage in Russia stands at 79.7 % and there are about 8.2 million Facebook users in the country. Internet usage in Russia is fairly high making it a possibility that there is content on the population online. This article will discuss those places and ways to go about a search on them. So whether you are looking to locate someone from the republic of Adygea, Bashkrtostan, Buryatia, Altai or any other region in the country, these sources might come in handy.

Russia White Pages Directories


White pages are solely dedicated to giving contact information on people. Results from a search from them include full name, phone number, address and business as basic information. Here are some white pages in Russia that you can try for a search.

White Pages of Russia

A simple search from this directory need that you provide first name, last name and city to search. There are also advanced searches here.

Spravka RU

Name searches can be conducted by last name and city. You can also conduct a phone number search from here.

White Pages in Russia

Enhanced by Google, this directory can help you locate people in Russia through the search bar available on the directory.

White and Yellow Pages in Russia

This directory comes with links to numerous sources of white pages and yellow pages in Russia that can add to your search base.

Russia Government Directories

Government ministries, agencies departments and organizations are also good sources of contact information, that is, if you are familiar with which government sector the person you are looking to find is in. Let’s have a look at some of the government sectors that can be helpful on how to find people in Russia.


Library of Congress

This site will help locate telephone directories from the Russian Federation which were mostly published during the Soviet Era.

Russia Ministries and Agencies

The Russian federal government ministries and agencies are listed here with links to them for you to access.

Russian Companies Directory

This directory lists all the companies found in Russia. If you are familiar with the company the individual you are looking for is involved with, then you might need to consider this place for a search.

Official Russia

In cases where you are familiar with the Russian State Body that the person of interest is involved with, this might be a good start for your search.

Russia University Directories

Most universities and colleges do offers directories or search options where you can be able to search from on their staff, faculty, students and departments. Lets’ have a look at the examples university free people searches in Russia.


Ural Federal University

To search from this directory, enter your search details on the search box provided and search. To search for faculty and staff, go to the drop down menu written “faculty and staff”.

Moscow State University

The university’s faculties are listed in the directory with links. There are also contact details to the faculties that can be useful.

Saint Petersburg State University

This university allows searches to be conducted using the search bar on the directory.

Tomsk State University

To search from this university, you can either use the search box or choose a faculty from the listed ones to search from.

Russia Public Records Directories

Public records (birth, marriage, divorce, criminal, property, voter registration, death) are available online for public view. They can be good sources of contact information too. Here are some of the directories that offer public records searches in Russia.


Russia Public Records Search

To search for public records from this directory, select the type of record you would to search from out of the listed records on Russia.

Russia Online Genealogy Records

You can research ancestral, genealogy and family history from this directory through birth, death, marriage, church, military, immigration records and more.

Moscow Police Department Public Records Request

It is possible to request public records from the police department in Moscow and the method to go about that is explained here.

Russia Social Media Searches

Social media platforms have become a world phenomenon with the number of affiliates increasing every day. Russia is no exception. Social sites can be useful sources of contact information since people use their personal details when registering on them.


Prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn come with search bars where you can conduct a look up. To search, go to the search box enter your search details and search. Results that come from a social media search include posts, photos, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and more, depending on what the person decided to include in their profile.

Russia Private Investigators

There are chances that the above mentioned online options yield no positive results. Private investigators are the next option in such a case. Here are some of the private investigators in Russia that you can try for a lookup.

Detective Agency Triumph

If you are looking to hire a detective in St. Petersburg then this is the place to go.

Wymoo International

This private investigations company takes cases like background checks, due diligence and more.

Russia Detectives

This is a local detective agency that does investigations all over Russia in all the major cities and states.

Detektei Kurtz

This agency prides itself in having experienced detectives who investigate in Russia for corporate clients, solving private, company and prosecutable cases.

The above mentioned methods and ways can be quite helpful on how to find people in Russia. Try as many of them as possible as they keep different data from each other.

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