How to Find People in Turkey

Search Directory to Lookup Phone Number

How to Find People in Turkey

People searches are possible online and this article will focus on how to find people in Turkey. It will discuss the sources that you can utilize to conduct a search and guide you through the process on how to find someone overseas.

Turkey has a population of about 84.7 million and its capital, Istanbul, has a population of about 14.8 million. Internet usage in Turkey has risen to 79 %. There are more than 56.2 million Facebook users in Turkey. This indicates that internet usage is very high in the country making it highly possible that a lot of data on the population is available online. So whether you are looking to locate someone in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Gaziantep, you can try the following suggested sources for information.

Before taking on a search online, it is highly recommended that you gather all information you might have on the person you are trying to find. This will enable you to have more options to search with as the recommended search tools on this article have many options at your disposal.

Details like phone numbers, location, email address, college/ university, relatives are some of those  that can help you on your lookup.

Turkey White Pages Directories

The white pages are the most reliable sources of contact information as they are solely dedicated to keeping such records. Here are some of the white pages directories that you can try out for a people search in Turkey.


Turkey Phones White Pages

With a name, phone number and address, you can look up information on someone from this directory.

Phonebook of the World

The phonebook of the world allow searches to be conducted on it and also offer links to other useful people search directories for you to try.

Telephone Directories: Turkey and International

This site offers links to Official Turkish White Pages, Official Turkish Yellow Pages and Yellow Pages in English.

How to in Turkey

This site gives a detailed description of how you can go about finding telephone directories in Turkey online.

Turkey Public Records Directories

Personal records (birth, marriage, divorce, death) and government records (criminal, property, and voter registration) are considered public records. There are directories online that keep such records for public access. Below are some sources of public records you can try to lookup a person in Turkey.


Turkey Online Genealogy Records

If you are looking to research family history in Turkey, this is one directory worth visiting. This directory keeps records like church records, vital records, military records, census and population registers and more.

Turkey Public Records

This directory will let you search with first name and last name then select “Turkey” from the worldwide option for public records in Turkey.

Turkey Genealogy and Family Search

The types of records available from this directory include birth, marriage, death, military, immigration, emigration and more.

Top Public Records Sites in the World

For a list of other public records sites that are highly regarded all over the world, you can try some of the listed here.

Turkey University Directories

Most universities and colleges have directories where you can search for someone from the university like staff, faculty, students and departments. Below are examples of universities in Turkey where you can conduct a people search as you try to find people in Turkey.


Bogazici University

This directory will allow you to search for university staff and faculty with first name, last name, unit, title or position.

Istanbul University

To search from the university, you can go to their search bar, enter your search term and search or you can contact the university direct through the contact details at the bottom.

Radbound University

This directory comes with a search bar where you can look up for contact information on people and departments in the university.

Student World Online

This site list some of the universities found in Turkey. You can select the one you are looking to search in from here.

Turkey Government Directories

You can try to look for government employees from the government directories in Turkey. Here are some of them that you can check out to find someone in Turkey.

Turkey Government Agencies

This directory comes with names and links to government ministries and agencies for you to contact.

Turkey Government Ministries

The government ministries are listed on this page for you to choose from. They come with links too.

Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services

To search for an employee from the ministry of family, labour and social services, this is the right place.

Turkey Social Media Searches

LinkedIn is one of the leading social media platforms in the world. It is more formal in nature. People create profiles on it in search of employment and business contacts. You can search for someone from the platform by using the search bar found in it.


To search enter the individual’s name on the search bar and search. Results from a search bring back, contact details, addresses, profession, place of employment, photos, posts and other details. Other such platforms worth mentioning would be Facebook and Twitter.

Turkey Private Investigators

The services of a private investigator might be an option if the above listed methods yield no positive outcome. Such services come at a cost though. Below are some of the prominent private investigation companies in Turkey that you can try out.

ICS Private Investigators

This is a global company that provides reliable and confidential private investigation services throughout Turkey for 24 hours a day.

Private Investigator Detective Turkey

This investigation company has experienced staff of former law enforcement officers (military and police intelligence).

Private Detective in Turkey

The investigative services that this company provides include family investigation, cheating spouse test, background check, missing person and more others.

X Investigations

Operating from Istanbul with a worldwide reach, this investigations company offers services like asset tracing, fraud investigation, missing persons, due diligence among them.

These are some of the options available online on how to find people in Turkey that you can use. Try to search from a number of them as they keep different data on their databases.