How to Find People in Vietnam

Search Directory to Lookup Phone Number

How to Find People in Vietnam

There are ways one can try online to find people in Vietnam. This article is aimed at discussing methods on how to find someone in Vietnam online. This is one of the guides on international searches you can find on GlobalFinder.

Vietnam has a population of 97.3 million with its capital Hanoi having a population of 7.2 million. Internet usage in the country stands at around 70.4 % and there are more than 50 million Facebook subscribers. This shows that internet activity is high in Vietnam making the possibility of data on the population high on the web. This article will discuss the sources online which might have this data.

In order to get the best out of a people lookup in Vietnam, you will need to first write down all information you can remember on the person. This can be their full name, university/ college, relatives, email address, phone numbers and son on.

These details can help you on your search as you can use them. The search options provided on this guide support searches with these details. Let’s take a look at some of the options you can try out on how to locate a person in Vietnam online.

Vietnam White Pages

White pages are one reliable source when it comes to finding contact information on someone. Here are some of the white pages directories you can find with contact information on the people of Vietnam.


Vietnam Telephones

You can search for phone numbers, addresses, businesses, companies and professional services from this directory.

Search People Directory

This directory allows you to look up with a name, phone number, and email address for information in Vietnam.

Phonebook of the World

This directory will let conduct searches on it as well as provide you with links to other directories that can help you on your search.

Vietnam Phone Directories

The directory will provide you with the best resources on the web to locating Vietnam phone numbers for residential and business information where available.

Vietnam Public Records Directories

Public records, which are personal records (birth, death, marriage, divorce records) and government records (property, crime, criminal, voter registration records) can be another source of contact information and are available online. They can be used as one way to find someone in Vietnam.


Vietnam Online Genealogy Records

This directory will guide you on how to find birth, death, marriage, census, military and other public records in Vietnam.

Vietnam Background Checks

You can view someone’s criminal record, civil record, bankruptcy record and more from this directory but at a fee.

My Heritage

If you are looking to find information on ancestors that are from Vietnam, then this is the places to look up from.


This directory offers searches on a number of Vietnam record types. There are military records, Vietnam Directories and Gazetteers, Vietnam Cemeteries and other types of records.

Vietnam Government Records Directories

Government records directories can help you find contact information on someone in Vietnam if they are government employees. Here are some of the options you have a government directory search in Vietnam.


Vietnam Government Portal

There are links to the central government, government ministries, local governments and other government departments from here with their contact information and agencies.

Government Companies in Vietnam

You can search for government companies, content and industries from this directory using the search bar provide.

Intellectual Department

Here you will find all contact information all things concerning National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

Vietnam War Records

This directory offers links to all things pertaining the Vietnam war.

Vietnam University Records Directories

In a situation whereby the person you are looking to find is a university or college student, staff or faculty, then a search from that university’s or college’s directory is the way to go.


An Giang University

To conduct a search from this university, navigate to its search bar, enter your search term and search.

Vietnam National University

Searches from this university can be performed by utilizing the search bar found on the university’s site.

Ho Chi Minh City Open University

The university has a search bar that you can use for people searches on the university staff, Faculty and students.

Duy Tan University

Ranked number 8 in the country, this university has a search bar where you can enter you search details and search.

For more universities in Vietnam you can come here.

Social Media Searches

A substantial number of people are now affiliated to social media platform the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all over the world. Vietnam is no exception. These social media platforms come with search option on them where you can search for someone.


To search, go to the search bar. Enter the person’s name on the search bar and search. If they are affiliated to that social media platform, a result will show. Social media search results include posts, profile on the individual and photos.

 Private Investigators

In a situation whereby the above mentioned sources do not return with the desired results, you may opt for the services of a private investigator. Here are some that you can try in Vietnam.

Zele Investigators

This investigations company offers services like background checks, personal investigations, insurance claims and more.

Vietnam Kay Phat Professional Private Detective Company

The company can help you verify a phone number, verify background, identity and relatives, find people who ran away, lost and much more.

Vietnam Detective Service

Background checks, cheating partner, fraud investigations, and business investigations form part of the services this company provides.

ICS Investigators

This is an international company that offers its services in Vietnam. The services include background checks, missing persons and birth parent locate investigation.

The above listed sources can help you find people in Vietnam. It will be very if you can try a number of them as they keep data that is not the same.