How to Find Someone in Angola

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How to Find Someone in Angola

Are you looking for ways on how to find someone in Angola? Well, you have come to the right place. This article will look at the sources of contact information on someone in Angola online. This forms part of the initiative by GlobalFinder on international people searches.

Angola has a population of 32.8 million. Angola’s capital Luanda has a population of about 8.3 million and is the most populous Portuguese speaking capital city in the world. Internet usage stands at about 21 % which is around 7 million people. There are about 2.2 million Facebook users in the country.

The internet usage in the country might be low but there are places that keep data on the population of Angola. Below are some of the sources of contact information that you can try for a people search in Angola.

But before you go on a search online as you try to locate a person in Angola, you will need to first gather all details you can remember on the individual. This can be their full name, address, email address, college/ university, business/ company and so on. Such details will come in handy as you conduct our search as some of the search tools support searches with them.

Angola White Pages Directories


A white pages search online returns basic information like full name, phone number and address as basic details and if you are lucky more. For a free people search in Angola these are your first choice.

Phonebook of Angola

This directory offers name searches and also offers searches on other people searches sites with links to them.

Angola Search People Directory

With a name, phone number, address or email, you can search for someone in Angola from this directory.

Phonebook of Africa

This directory will allow you to search from the white pages and yellow pages of any African country with a name, number, address and business name.

Angola Public Records Directories


Public records can also be one solution on how to find someone in Angola online. Public records are details like personal records (birth, marriage, divorce and death records) and government records (criminal, court, property and voter registration records). Here are some places that offer public records in Angola online.

Angola Online Genealogy Records

This directory offers to help someone search family history. There are links to online databases that have birth, death, marriage, biographies, cemetery, immigration, land records and more.

Angola Free Public Records

This directory will allow you to search from a number of information sources like education, government, inter-governmental organizations, legislation and more.

Angola Background Checks

Background checks that are possible from this directory include criminal records search, civil records search, education Degree Verification search and others. Searches come at a price though from this directory.

Angola Criminal Records Check

You can find information on how to apply for a criminal record on someone from Angola from this directory.

Angola Government Records Directories


If the person you are looking to find is a government employee in Angola then government directories are a place to consider on your search. Below are some of the sources for government records in the country.

Angola Government Officials

This directory provides all the cabinet members in the country. For UN staff members from Angola you can come here.

Angola Government Ministries

This directory offers contact details on the cabinet ministries in the country with addresses and fax numbers.

Worldwide Government Directory

This directory lists all the governments of the world in alphabetical order, providing information on their ministries with their leaders, contact details, addresses and other details.

Global Mining and Mineral Industry

If the individual you are looking to find is involved in the mining industry in Angola, then this is your ideal place for a search.

Angola University Directories


Universities and colleges do offer directories with contact details on staff, faculty and students where you can search for it. Here are some examples of prominent universities in Angola that offer searches on their directories.

Catholic University of Luanda

This university has a search bar where you can search for any information on its staff, faculty and students.

Jean Piaget University of Angola

The university offers a search box where you can conduct a search on any information on it. There are also contact details offered from here.

Methodist University of Angola

To find information from this university, you will need to use the search bar provided on their site or visit their administrative services department.

For more university and college searches in Angola you can try here.


Social media platforms are also good sources of contact information. Prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are very good examples.

Facebook is one of the places you can conduct a search on if you are looking to find someone in Angola.


To search on Facebook, navigate to the sites search bar. Enter the search term with you and press search. Results from a Facebook search include a profile with contact information, friends, posts and photos.

Private Investigators


If the above listed options do not yield the desired results, then private investigators might be your next logical option. Let’s take a look at some of the leading private investigator companies in Angola for you to choose from.

Private Investigators in the Angola Area

This directory will provide you with contact to some of the investigators available in the Angola region.

WIS International

Services provided by the investigation company include business intelligence, risk investigations, people tracing, general investigation and more.

McLaughlin Investigative Group

This company’s services vary from business, to law, pre-employment screening, background verification and other services.


These are the options that one has on how to find someone in Angola online. Try as many combinations from them as possible as the data that is in them varies.

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